Babolat Pure Aero+

Babolat Pure Aero+

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For 2019 Babolat makes some incremental tweaks to the Pure Aero Plus while keeping the same basic formula that made this stick such an obvious choice for aggressive ball strikers. Although it shares many features with the standard Pure Aero, this racquet comes with an extra half inch of length, making it more challenging to swing but giving it noticeably more pop on groundies and serves. For this version, Babolat has updated its Cortex technology with a more advanced dampening compound along with repositioning it to a more optimal location higher in the racquet. The result is a slightly softer feel at impact. The Pure Aero Plus also features FSI Spin technology, which utilizes wider string spacing for extra bite along with oblong grommets at 6 and 12 o'clock to maximize string movement and snapback (think spin). On groundies the Pure Aero Plus is dangerous in the hands of an aggressive baseliner. It rewards big swings with heavy, spin-loaded balls that drop hard and explode off the court. Boasting a heavier dynamic weight than the standard version, this stick also does a better job absorbing and redirecting the pace of big hitters. On serve, this racquet's extended length provides big power, with plenty of spin for adding nasty action on slices and kickers. The Pure Aero Plus also provides plenty of options on service returns where it is stable enough to block big first serves while also being precise enough on full swings to punish second serves. Ultimately, the Pure Aero Plus remains an obvious choice for big hitters looking to go on offense.

Strung Specifications
Head Size 100 sq. in.
Length 27.5"
Strung Weight 12.99 oz

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