Selkirk SLK Evo Control 2.0 Max Purple

Selkirk SLK Evo Control 2.0 Max Purple

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Designed to replace and enhance the previous-generation Selkirk Evo Soft line, the Selkirk SLK Evo Control Max 2.0 Pickleball Paddle is designed for silky-smooth players who demand control, a soft feel, and plenty of forgiveness on off-center strikes. The 16mm thickness and Rev-Control Polymer core material are unsurprisingly at the center of this paddle's control-oriented persona. This combination virtually eliminates impact vibration while encouraging the sweet spot to span the entire 11.15" long by 7.85" wide hitting surface. This expanded sweet spot means your miss-hits will find the court more often, resulting in fewer unforced errors.

Speaking of the large hitting surface, it teams up with the midweight 7.8-ounce weight of the SLK Evo Control Max 2.0 to help add even more control and enough power to keep you competetive in the modern game. The G8-Flex Carbon Fiber face material helps you put spin on the ball by allowing it to dwell on the face for a split-second longer. When you have a chance to hit a high-speed winner, this very same material offers enough rebound to drive the ball past your opponent. Finally, the shorter 4.85" long handle wrapped in a Selkirk Ultra-Comfort Grip further ensures control by offering a quick reload speed near the kitchen.

The SLK Evo Control Max 2.0 Paddle from Selkirk Pickleball offers a soft feel, wide, defensive face, and ample control-focused technologies to help you keep the ball in play more often

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