Do Tennis Players Have An Advantage On The Pickleball Courts?

Let’s be clear, you can excel in pickleball with or without a racquet or even an athletic background. It’s one of the great things about pickleball that anyone can play and be successful!

That being said, there is a correlation between the top players in the world and having tennis experience before pickleball:

  • 8 of the top 10 men’s pro doubles players (World Pickleball Rankings) have a high-level tennis background (shoutout to AJ Koller and Dylan Frazier for beating the odds).
  • All 10 of the top 10 women’s pro doubles players were former tennis players.

It seems like each tournament we see a "surprise" newcomer in the pro division who dominates the field in one of their first tournaments, and they almost always have a high level tennis background. JAMES IGNATOWICH (featured right) played division I tennis at Vanderbilt University and has medaled in several pro tournaments just 8 months into his pro pickleball career.

So yes, it can be an advantage! 

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