What Are The Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners?

  1. SLK LATITUDE: Performance and Technology united with comfort, balance, and affordability at $59.99. The graphite face gives you the control and feel all up-and-coming players are looking for. 

  2. SLK NEO GRAPHITE: With a traditional paddle shape, honeycomb core, and graphite surface, the Neo Graphite is a great choice for beginners. And it won’t break the bank at $49.99.

  3. SLK NEO ATLAS: This wide-body paddle also features a honeycomb core and graphite surface for ultimate control great for learning the soft game.

  4. SLK EVO HYBRID MAX: Developed to dominate the game, the C6-Flex Power Fiberglass Face provides the power and control you need on every play.

  5. The SLK OMEGA is a perfect blend of high performance and affordability. The Omega was recently release (August 16, 2022) and uses advanced technology never before used in paddles. We utilize much of that technology in our high end paddles (POWER AIR LABS 003 PADDLE) but wanted to provide an option for beginner players. At $140, this paddle is easily the most bang for your buck! And The Pickleball Studio agrees: