Babolat Junior B Fly (Pre-Strung)

Babolat Junior B Fly (Pre-Strung)

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Tennis is definitely one of the hardest sports as a beginner. So, what are we doing about it? Well, we're making it easier for kids to learn so they can make quicker progress and have fun on the courts. We've worked closely with specialist partners to design a racquet just for kids: the B'Fly, which is lighter, easier to handle and more forgiving. Your future champion will love using this racquet with a fun, colorful design! To make learning to play even easier and help kids master tennis basics, we've added teaching tools to the racquet. It's no coincidence that the B'Fly is recommended by 6000 coaches worldwide.

Available in sizes according to the child's height:

135-145 cm: B Fly Jr 25
110-125 cm: B Fly  Jr 23
100-110 cm: B Fly Jr 21
Up to 100 cm: B Fly Jr 19

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