Bruise Strain Tear Repair Enhancement Gel

Bruise Strain Tear Repair Enhancement Gel

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Athletic Enhancement Gel - 2 oz.

  • Not smelly or greasy.
  • Naturally sustain the healing process until the repair has been completed.
  • The perfect addition…to any tissue mending mission.
  • Get back into action FAST with BST Repair.
  • Don’t Freeze your ankle.
  • Helps support the body’s recovery process.

One of the many functions of Bruise Strain & Tear Repair™ is supported by Arnica Montana. This wonderful herb contains an enzyme that slowly and carefully boosts the body’s ability to dissolve micro-clots and return the healthy flow of blood and lymph to the damaged tissues. Applying this natural topical cream to a bump or bruise within the first few hours can even keep an unsightly bruise from forming. On an existing bruise, it will support in the breaking up of the black and blue coloration and speed the flow of healing constituents to the region.


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